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Your own Early Education Store

This is your opportunity to share your expertise with the Early Childhood community at large. We welcome your original ideas for lesson plans, projects, activities, themes, curriculum enrichments, classroom decor and program support materials that you've developed and tested with your children! We want your child-approved materials to share with others. Just as important: we want you to benefit in the process of your sharing.

Getting your products to your Emporium Store

We have two options for your sharing.

  • For those items that you have created 'digitally' you simply upload your electronic files to your personal Emporium Store. Your files will be stored in our server and then be available to your peers for their instant download purchase.
  • 'Physical products' (i.e. books, CDs, DVDs, games etc.) that you have manufactured can also be made available through your Emporium Store. You simply upload a picture of the item. You will be sent an email of your customer's selection with their mailing address. You will then be responsible to ship out the product(s) purchased..

Once you have your file or picture uploaded to your Emporium Store you will complete the product information form. This will include your supplying the category, description, cost and shipping fee if applicable.

Quarterly Payday

Each quarter you will recieve your payment less the administrative fee (15%) plus your reinbursement for shipping fees that you have charged.

Getting Started 

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Follow us at the PreK and K Sharing Collaborative blog.

Welcome to sharing and show-n-tell. The advent of blogging and the cyber-community have brought us together on behalf of children as never before imagined. It is now possible to reach out, to weave together and share ideas from one side of the planet to the other -- with the mere click of a mouse. Voila!!

This collaboration is launched with a sense of enthusiasm and excitement over all things that will benefit young children and those who serve them. There are several common denominators that weave our community of contributing authors together. The first is an emphasis on excellence. The second is a delight and appreciation for all things "ART" related. The third is a shared joy in child-centered, child-directed, genuine play-based adventures.